Experts estimate that over $100,000,000 is wasted every year on internet marketing that doesn’t work. We’ve helped clients avoid wasting hard earned marketing dollars by showing them the power of internet marketing. Here are some of the ways we’ve been successful in protecting our clients from wasting time and money using popular internet marketing channels.

#1 – Pay Per Click

High-traffic websites and search engines allow business owners to post ads on their websites. The business owner is only charged for the space when a potential client clicks on their ad. This type of arrangement allows the business owner to objectively evaluate the success of the ad on a daily basis.

For example, if the space provider is charging $1 per click on your ad, and ten people click on the ad, you owe $10. If one of those ten people purchase a $20, the business owner just made $10. As you can see, it’s simple math. If you make more than you spend, the ad is successful and should be ran until it’s proven unsuccessful.

Why do business owners lose money on pay-per-click? They don’t test. They run expensive campaigns and they don’t know how much they are spending or how much they are making. The best way to make money with pay-per-click is to carefully test the success of an ad and scale it daily. Business owners who test can make a lot of money using pay-per-click advertising.

#2 – Social Media

In addition to staying in touch with friends and family, social media is a great way for businesses to stay in touch with customers. The popularity of social media has opened the doors for businesses to reach potential clients in new ways. Social Media offers pay per click advertising that is cheaper than major search engines and has more customization options.

The most impressive feature of the pay per click function on social media is the ability to target ideal clients. You can use Facebook’s tools to sort people by age range, salary, gender, location, and even spending habits. The targeting function allows you to pinpoint who sees your ads.

Why are business owners unsuccessful with social media marketing? They don’t use the targeting tools available to them. As you know, one of the most difficult things about marketing is ensuring the right people see you message at the right time. If you test and use the targeting tools available, you can’t lose.

#3 – Email Marketing

Using email to engage customers is an essential part of any internet marketing strategy. It’s also one of the cheapest ways to engage current customers and potential clients. Think about it…with the click of a button you can reach 10,000 people and generate sales. Email marketing is very powerful.

The only downside is that you need a email marketing provider to send out mass emails. Many business owners make the mistake of choosing the wrong provider. They lose money by paying outrageous fees that are above the industry norm. Yes, email marketing is highly profitable, but you should not spend more than you have to in administrative costs.

We help our clients select the email provider who can help them reach their goals at the right cost. Just because you can make money from email marketing does not mean it should come with a high cost. Most providers charge a low fee because technology makes the service so easy to deliver.

#4 – Customer Reactivation

Imagine this scenario…

A customer sees one of your ads and visits your website. They spend five minutes reading about one of your services. As they are reading, they are distracted by their spouse. Unfortunately, they never return to your site.

Obviously, this scenario happens frequently. We all have visited a site and left without making a connection or purchase. In the past, there was no solution, but technology has recently stepped in. Now business owners can use special techniques to reactivate the impulse that drove the potential client to your site. How? Their initial visit to your site is saved in their computer, so your ads pop up on other sites they visit for an extended period of time. It makes it seem like you are everywhere!

There is a cost for the service, but it is extremely profitable. We have observed business owners who use reactivation making a mistake that could cost thousands of dollars. They reactivate casual visitors instead of interested visitors. A visitor who spends ten seconds visiting the home page is not as interested as a visitor who spends ten minutes reading an article. Reactivation can only increase your profits if you reactivate the right website visitors.  

#5 – Search Engine Optimization

The purpose of a search engine is to sort the information that is available on the internet. For example, if you search for pizza in my local town by using the search term “pizza in weston Fl” you are expecting to see a list of pizza restaurants in my neighborhood. This functionality has made phone books outdated and obsolete.

In addition to pay per click advertising, search engines also have something called organic results, which are free listings. The order of the free listings is determined by the search engine logic behind the scenes. The goal of search engine optimization is setting up your website to appear higher on the free listings. The ultimate goal is to appear on page one for a popular search term because that leads to lots of traffic and lots of sales.

Many businesses do all they can to reach the top of the free listings because it’s basically free money once you get there. The search engine companies do all they can to protect the integrity of the search engine rankings, which includes frequently changing the logic that determines the rankings. The search engines are in control, and they can even take a website totally out of the rankings if they feel the company has done something improper to gain an unfair advantage.

The smart business owners know that good search engine optimization leads to increased profits. However, they also understand that the search engines are in total control of the rankings, so they don’t totally rely on search engine optimization. The business owners who make money from search engine optimization use it as part of their strategy, not the only strategy.

#6 – Videos

You-Tube and other video search engines have made video marketing extremely popular. Studies show that people are watching videos at a very high rate and many business owners report that video marketing is much more effective than text based advertising. We believe that video is so popular because it stimulates two senses (sight and hearing).

Video is very effective, but it can also be very damaging to a business. We’ve found that business owners make two costly mistakes with video. First, they don’t create professional videos, and the lack of professionalism hurts the first impression of the customer. Second, they create amazing videos that lack a solid call action. In other words, they have nice videos that don’t make them any money.

It’s important to produce high quality video that shows your client what they should do next. Videos without a call to action are a waste of time and money.

#7 – Webinars

If done correctly, webinars can convert attendees into paying customers at a higher rate than most other marketing techniques. Webinars work so well because they instantly increase the level of trust the attendee has for the business. They also bring in profits by increasing credibility. Webinars are excellent tools for positioning a business owner as an expert authority in their field.

We’ve seen business owners do very well with webinars, but we’ve also seen some fail. The biggest mistake we’ve seen is that business owners spend hundreds to get people to register for a webinar, but they never remind them to attend. Potential clients will want to attend your webinar, but they need several reminders because they are super busy. Poor attendance can sink your webinar, but following a set reminder sequence can easily solve the problem.

The Bottom Line

Internet marketing is a proven way to grow your business. It’s important to avoid small mistakes that can lead to loss of time and money, but the opportunity is too big to pass up.

The Great News

Internet marketing is absolutely necessary and you can use it to reduce the cost of marketing while getting a better return on investment. However, we understand that this is new to many business owners. Especially if you are used to traditional print advertising.

The tips on this page are just some of the things we’ve run into over the years. We use our knowledge to steer clients away from common errors and toward increased profits.

We’d like to help you determine how you can grow your business through internet marketing, so we’ve set aside some time to personally discuss an internet marketing strategy with you and give you some ideas that could help you attract more clients. The internet marketing strategy session is 100% complimentary with no strings attached.

Why would we do this?

This is how we attract high level clients. We’ve found that the best way to win your trust is to actually help you. If you find our ideas helpful, you may decide to become a client that very same day, or in the future. This approach ensures that we will give you our best ideas with no risk on your part.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone. You get ideas that will help you make more money from internet marketing and some of the internet marketing strategy sessions turn into clients for us.

The Catch

There is a small catch…

We can only do these internet marketing strategy sessions for a small group of potential clients. You will have to meet a few qualifications to be eligible for the strategy session. Specifically, you must be an established business selling a legitimate product or service.

The offer is also time-sensitive for an important reason.

We’re a small company (by design) and can only offer a handful of these internet marketing strategy sessions each month. They are all granted on a first come, first served basis.

So if you found this information helpful, and would like to see exactly how these types of strategies could improve your sales on a consistent basis, contact us today.